Country Gold Line Dance
Carlsbad, New Mexico
Welcome to the Country Gold Line Dance classes at the North Mesa Senior Recreation Center.  We hope
you will come and join us.  We want you to be a part of the exercise, social activities, and  just plain fun that
we have while enjoying line dance.

It is called line dancing because we form lines and dance together in sequence (we hope!)  A series of
steps is learned for each dance, and then the music starts.  We continue dancing these steps facing
different walls until the music stops.  If we make a misstep (we all do), we laugh about it, catch in, and go on.  
The wonderful thing is that we become friends while doing something that we love to do.  A partner isn't
necessary.  Everyone is welcome.  We have a place for you to learn and grow in line dance.

Beginning Class:  This class is designed for those who have never danced before.  Starting with some of the basic steps, we learn a few easy dances.  We then progress to learning the "split-floor" dances and some of the easier Jam dances as well as some of our favorites and new dances.  Angels are available to help.  Students may move on to the Improver class whenever they feel ready to do so.  

Improver Class:  The Improver class continues to learn Jam dances, along with some favorites and some new dances.  The difficulty level of the dances increases slowly as the dancers gain more ability and confidence.  Angels are available to help.  Students may move on the Intermediate class whenever they feel ready to do so.

Intermediate Class:  These students have been dancing for three or more years.  The remainder of the Jam dances are taught along with many favorites and/or new dances.  The dances are more difficult with more turns and faster speeds.  Although Angels are available to help, students are encouraged to learn the dances and do them without depending on others.

Challenge Class:  These students are selected by the instructor and the class.  They must be able to learn quickly and dance all the dances.  The dances are at all levels, but include the most difficult dances.  This group also does performances when requested.

All students are encouraged to dance at the level where they feel most comfortable.  Classes can be repeated at any time and as many times as you wish.  If you advance and have problems, you can always go back.

Students are given the option to dance their class and also dance in the classes below their level if they wish to do so.