Country Gold Line Dance
Carlsbad, New Mexico
Class Dances:

These are the dances that are being taught in one or more of the Country Gold line dance classes.  It also includes dances that we are no longer dancing, but the stepsheets are left on the list in case someone wants to revisit them.

Jam Dances:

These are the 40 dances that were voted on by the instructors to be danced at the New Mexico Line Dance Jamboree.  The list is updated annually.  The instructors select 8 new dances to be added to the list and 8 current dances to be deleted.  This helps to keep the list as current as possible.

Split-Floor Dances:

These are beginner-level dances that can be danced on one side of the room at the same time a more difficult Jam dance is being danced on the other side.  The advantage of the split-floor dance is that it keeps the beginners dancing instead of sitting.  The person hosting the jamboree decides whether to use split-floor dances or not.  It is not a requirement.  If split-floor dances are used, always use the dances on the state-approved list shown on this website.

Proposed Dances:

Each year the instructors select through a nomination process 16 dances to be reviewed as possibilities for the 8 new dances which will be added to the current Jam list.  Several months are given for the instructors to attend the annual Instructors Workshop and to learn these dances.  Then a vote is taken to select the final 8 dances to be added to the Jam list.

After the selection of the final 8 dances, this page will show the nominated dances as they come in for the coming year.

Dance Selection Process:

Due date for nominations                                                            anytime before February 1
Votes for 16 of the nominated dances are due                           anytime before April 1
Instructors Workshop                                                                  August
Votes for 8 of the proposed dances are due                               anytime before September 1

Each instructor may nominate up to 2 dances.  Dances may be nominated at any time prior to February 1.​
Nominated dances must have been choreographed in the 2 years preceding the year of voting.  Nominations must
include the name of the dance, the choreographer, the suggested music, the artist, and the date choreographed.

Ballots for voting for the 8 proposed dances are included on this website for reference, but are not necessary for voting. It is easier and faster to just e-mail a list of your selections to me. 

Nominations and votes are to be e-mailed to [email protected]

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