Country Gold Line Dance
Carlsbad, New Mexico
At certain times of the year, we enjoy changing the music to fit the season or to prepare a special performance.
Christmas is especially fun.  We change the music for all our dances from mid-November through December and dance to Christmas music.  Here you will find a list of the dances we do with the name of the dance and the artist for the music we use for that dance.  We try not to use tags or restarts for the Christmas dances, but occasionally one is necessary.  If there is a tag or restart, that is also listed.
Probably our other favorite holiday is Halloween.  You will find a list of the dances we do along with the name of the music and the artist we use for that dance.
There is an additional page with other holidays and occasions throughout the year.

Note:  Most of the music listed on this website came from, ITunes or a CD that I have purchased.  This is only suggested music, and I cannot make this music available.